Monday, July 27, 2009

Travel Agent Guest Blogger: Ever Needed Help to Plan a Trip?

I was recently trying to book a trip to Disney for my family. Well, after spending about two hours in front of the computer evaluating my options and then seeing at the last minute that there may have been something I overlooked…I wound up shutting my computer down, quite frustrated, and not booking a single thing. I knew what I wanted but I wanted to be assured that I was getting it in the best, most convenient and most economical way. When I realized at the last minute that I may have overlooked a detail of my trip I gave up and walked away from the venture all together. I sure could have used a travel agent to help me with this! Well, I thought you may appreciate knowing what Amber shares with us below. She is currently working on getting a “deal” for me to add to her post a little later this week. Please enjoy and make comments as you see fit.

Amber Bruner
Ship to Shore Cruises and Travel

I am a Disney specialist and enjoy working with clients to create the perfect Disney vacation at the best price available. I am a mother of three and when I took my kids to Disney for the first time, I realized I loved the research and planning involved. My mother, Sandra Allen, owns Ship to Shore Cruise and Travel, and invited me to join her team. I teach preschool and love that working with my mom fits into my schedule. I enjoy the process of taking a family thorough the options available with a Disney trip and finding the right fit. When you want to take the family to Disney, you want it to be just right. You could go online and spend hours trying to decide. But by working with me, you will get the same price, without the hassle. My fees are paid by Disney when you book your trip. Your price is the same as if you booked the trip yourself but without the headaches involved. An additional benefit is that if a last minute problem occurs, you have a travel agent who is there to help resolve it.

Ship to Shore has been in business for over 15 years and was recently voted top travel agency by readers of the Courier Tribune in Asheboro, NC. Ship to Shore also specializes in cruises and group trips. We can plan package trips to any destination, cruises to the Caribbean, Alaska, Hawaii, and Europe. Whether your group is large or small, planning a weekend getaway or a once in a lifetime trip, we’d love to help you make your dream vacation a reality!

Contact Amber:
Phone: 919-522-9020

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