Thursday, July 23, 2009

Your Fitness Tip for The Week

I used to go to the West Forsyth YMCA in Clemmons, NC regularly (at least 5 days a week) and work out on the elliptical for one hour each time as well as do weights. So my exercising was probably about 1.5 to 2 hours. Sound reasonable for the mother of two who are both under 4?? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Now, if you are a mother of 2 small children and you do somehow find time to exercise outside of your home in the above mentioned fashion well than you are my HERO and you are part of a very lucky minority. As for the rest of us we are good to just get some form of exercise into our daily routine 4 days a week. This is where I think I can help you. Three summers ago I did make a $4,000+ investment in a Precor EFX 5.23 elliptical and if you can afford to make this investment then by all means do it. That was the most worthwhile $4000 I have ever spent… But if you are like I am now then you need to find a way to get in your physical fitness in a way that is as unintrusive and cost effective as possible. That is where I think I can help. Ever heard of Jillian Michaels? You know, the trainer on Biggest Loser? She has actually made a workout DVD that gives you a GREAT workout in just 20 minutes! Yes, you heard me correctly 20min is all it takes to do her DVD and lemme tell ya it ain’t easy. I am in OK shape and you now know that I do have a history of exercising regularly and it was hard for me! In fact I am still on Level 2 and perfectly happy staying there for ever how long I feel like it. No, really, it is awesome!

I do also want to mention the Wii Fit though. You should know that I know absolutely nothing about it but I would love to introduce you to Julie at . I have really enjoyed her website and I think you can learn a lot about how to lose weight and get fit using the Wii fit. Maybe I will try it out…

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