Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Dixie Classic With Kids

How to get the most out of the Dixie Classic Fair with your small children:

My husband and I took our two little girls to the Dixie Classic last Saturday. Being a Saturday and only the second day they were open we were prepared for the worst. Much to our surprise the trip could not have been better or gone more smoothly. What follows is a step by step guide on what to do:
1. Get going early. The fair opens at 9:00 am and if your under 5 lovely is anything like my lovelies then they are definitely up and going long before that. Get em’ up , feed them breakfast and then pack a small bag.
2. Inside your bag I recommend taking a few bottles of water (I am not sure if they officially “allow” this but they will let you take a bag in and do not ask to look inside it if you have small children. I like taking my own water not to rip the fair off but because my girls like their water not too cold and they tend to spill I often… I would also take plenty of wipes for all of those sticky goodies you will be getting into and lastly put an extra pair of clothes in for your sweet and always very neat (right??) little one. You don’t need any food since the folks at the fair definitely have you covered in that area.
3. I strongly encourage you to take a stroller even if you don’t usually use one. There is a lot of walking and if you don’t you may wind up doing a lot of carrying.
4. Make sure you have cash. We spent about $100 for our family of 4. The older your kids are the more you will spend so go to an ATM before you get there since while they do have ATM’s in there it may not be for your bank and I hate paying those fees.
5. We got there between 9:30 and 10:00 and got a very front spot at the West gate entrance which is where we always go in. I say the earlier the better! FYI kids under 5 get in for free!
6. As soon as you enter go to see the sheep and swine that are right there. Some of them will be sleeping and they are so cute not to mention that you will probably be the only ones in there besides their care takers!
7. Next, buy tickets for the rides. This is expensive since it costs $1.00 for each ticket and the average cost is three/ride. I would buy about 24 tickets/child seriously.
8. Now start riding. I would ride a couple of rides now since the lines are non-existant. This is the time when the fact that your darling ate breakfast will really be key.
9. After a couple of rides go and get a snack. We got a fried Snickers and all shared bites since the girls don’t really eat that much all at once. Make sure everyone has had a drink.
10. Go see more stuff. I would go walk around and see more animals since it is still not really crowded. I would also ride more rides.
11. Repeat steps 8-10 eating a little and riding a little since you don’t ever want to get too full to ride but you do want to enjoy the food! We like doing this because it allowed us to do so much more in terms of eating more types of the food since the amounts were small and riding more of the rides since the lines never really did get long.

We left at about 1:00 which was much later than we thought we would. I would say that if you try and get out by about 12:00 you may miss the big crown all together!
I had taken pictures of our day but I had some technical difficulties with uploading them since I used Tyler’s camera but I hope I have described it well enough!

Enjoy yourselves and stay safe!

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