Saturday, November 7, 2009

Michele's Day Spa - Lipomassage

I read about Michele May in Forsyth Woman and I knew I had to meet her. Boy am I glad I went into her spa. From pedicures to facials and everything in between Michele's Day Spa has it all! Talk about being a "one stop" for a busy mom! Michele is such a nice person with a passion for what she does. To me this is important because if I am going into a place to have something like lipomassage done then I certainly want a sweet and “motherly” woman helping me along the way.

And have you ever heard of Lipomassage? I have always been curious about it and it seems that Michele is the only one in the area who even has the machine that does it. Well, “LIPOMASSAGE™ by Endermologie® is a non-invasive treatment that manipulates the connective tissue through mechanotransduction, resulting in slimming, cellulite reduction and anti-aging. The benefits go far beyond aesthetics to encompass your total physiological wellbeing” ( ) Anyway, as Michele describes it lipomassage can essentially get rid of the pockets of cellulite that you have that diet and exercise do not seem to be touching…Sounds great to me! Please stop in and say "hello" to her!

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