Thursday, July 9, 2009

Health Tip of the Week:
Did you know that the risks associated with having high LDL cholesterol go beyond its effects on your heart? Studies have shown that having an LDL cholesterol that is high can be associated with an increased risk of memory problems including Alzheimer’s according to Henry Lodge, MD, a preventative medicine specialist and coauthor of Younger Next Year. You should aim for an LDL below 100.

Beauty Tip of the Week:
If you have never tried it I recommend trying Maybelline Mineral Power Foundation. I come from many years of Clinique use and then making the switch to Jane Iredell. But after reading about Maybelline Mineral Power Make-Up in my Allure Magazine I tried it (for under $10 who wouldn’t) and I am hooked. In fact many people have since asked me if I have had work done on my face. Thanks Maybelline!

Relaxation Tip of the Week:
Massage Envy at 1031 Hanes Mall Blvd has an introductory 1-hour massage session for $49! I have not tried them yet but this price is hard to beat! Their phone number is 336-774-9994 and their website is

Restaurant Feature of the Week:
My husband, Tyler, and I love good food. We love to eat out at a place where you can allow the experience to take over. You know, not just order, get food, eat, drink, and go. But we like to eat slowly, drink wine, try new things and we love great service. This is all what Mozelle’s had to offer. You can find them at 878 West Fourth Street in downtown Winston-Salem. We ate with our friends and tried many things from the menu but I got the meatloaf which is wrapped in bacon and it was divine. I also recommend not leaving without trying their cheese grits. It is a small place so you may call 336-703-5400 for a reservation.

Exercise Tip of the Week:
Since I am pretty into physical fitness I will do two tips. One for beginners and one for those people like me who are not body builders but are always looking for a good, fun workout that can provide a great workout is-n as short a time period as possible.
For my beginners I will say that your focus this week should be on just one thing. 10-15 min of cardio 2-3 times this week. Ideally you would do this on a machine like the elliptical or a stationary bike but if you do not have access to one of these things then do the stairs at work or home for 10-15 min straight. This means without resting. Get through this and we’ll talk next week. For those people who have some experience with exercising I recommend Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD. It is $15 at Target and may be the best $15 you have ever spent. It is an awesome, full body workout in 20 min! Believe me, it won’t disappoint.

Kid’s Activity of the Week: from the August 2009 Issue of Parents Magazine
Say “Thanks!” to your local heroes. Take a tour of your police or fire station. They may even let you see the inside of a fire truck and a police car! It may be a good idea to call ahead since I don’t think our local heroes have official visiting hours.