Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tips on Selling Your Home from Amanda Cranfill

Remember that “real estate” market conditions are local. reports Winston-Salem, NC as the #2 best performing housing market in the nation! Websites like, Trulia, and others have good information, although features like the “zestimator” do not take into account improvements (i.e. new roof, new windows, new garage doors, etc…) surrounding properties have made or even those the subject property/your home offers. Pictures are worth a thousand words so make sure your property is presented in its best light with at least 6 photos online. Price your home realistically based on its location and condition and remember the ABC’s:

A. Appeal to the Senses of Light, Smell, Sound—De-clutter and neutralize d├ęcor—only a few items (3-5 max) should be on display on your kitchen countertops and bedroom furniture; When showing your home and if you have time, Bake a batch of brownies or cookies, then leave a sample for your guests; Leave the lights on with soft classical or jazz music playing in the background…Set the thermostat on a comfortable temperature and create airflow in all areas. It is usually a good idea to keep pets away from the home and to put away pet accessories during a showing if possible.

B. Be a Guest in your own home=Always be ready for showings! Fresh Cut Flowers are an instant “welcoming” symbol. Replace burned out light bulbs, Tidy up the entrance—from the sidewalk to the front porch making sure your first impression is a fitting introduction to what the prospective buyer will experience inside! Only fresh towels in the bathrooms—no damp towels or robes hanging around! Have an empty laundry basket by the door so you can quickly de-clutter and stash out of sight prior to a showing.

C. Consult a Realtor who is experienced and familiar with your neighborhood or surrounding property values to assist you with this important financial decision. Remember that “properly priced homes in great condition sell quickly and for higher prices”. What you paid for your home, its current tax value, or the value your homeowners insurance company applies can vary significantly from the price today’s buyer might be willing to pay.

Selling your home is an emotional and often stressful situation. Allow your realtor to assist you and guide you through this process. Stay open-minded to all feedback comments and know that the selling process is only temporary. Soon you’ll be enjoying your new adventure.
Amanda Cranfill is a working mother and fulltime real estate broker with ten years experience with Coldwell Banker Triad in Advance, NC.Please visit