Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Enjoy The Present Moment

What is it that we are all rushing around and in a tizzy for? Those of us with children, you know who you are, seem always to be rushing. I thought that when I quit my full-time aka “paying” job that this rushing around would magically just come to a halt and that I would be able to do what author Eckhart Tolle tells us to do in his “The Power of Now.” Just be present. You should know that I bought what he was saying hook, line and sinker so if you disagree with me you may want to stop reading…I digress. But I still find myself running to get this or that done. Running to and from instead of enjoying the journey. Isn't life composed mostly of journeys? That means I could miss most of my life in the rush.
It makes me wonder:
A. how the heck I did it and worked outside of my home and
B. what is actually so important (or dsitracting) that it is causing me to ignore the present moment.
My present moment, the one that is here in front of me gift wrapped. The one that is the beautiful day outside with the wind blowing and the trees swaying majestically, the one that is silent in my home while my girls are off at Montessori school.

I find myself playing out scenarios in my head that are purely made up. Like how I need to get their lunch ready or get the dishwasher unloaded. This is all stuff that is going on in make believe land. Right now I am enjoying some therapy with my computer and by emptying out the contents of my heart on this page for you to read and hopefully realize too what I am moving toward. The fact is that there is always a reason to rush. It is whether or not you will allow it to penetrate into your being and rob you of your gift of the present moment that only you control. Let it all go. Won’t you join me today in a day of effortless existence? A day when you will just enjoy what is, whatever that may be, and relax. Let’s stop the rushing since our only real guarantee is the Now.