Friday, September 10, 2010

Yellow Mustard Can Help Fight Cancer?

It seems like I have always been aware of the health benefits of many of the Indian spices that are used in my favorite Indian dishes. Recently it came to my attention that yellow mustard may not only be healthy for you but may also have some cancer fighting properties. Almost as far back as history goes mustard has been know as an anti-inflammatory agent whose main health benefits come from the ingredient that gives mustard its yellow color, turmeric.

Although the anti-inflammatory effects of mustard (turmeric) go way back only recently has it come about that this same agent could have anti-cancer effects. Some even claim that they have seen tumors shrink as a result of the curcumin in turmeric which is thought to be its primary pharmacological component. The low rates of certain cancers in India are seen by some as evidence of this.

In addition, it is now believed that curcumin also has strong anti-oxidant effects and that it destroys free radicals which we all know the physical benefits of…

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