Friday, March 19, 2010

Children's Birthday Party Ideas

I was having dreams about the princess not showing up! This is how much anxiety I felt about my daughter’s 4th birthday! I am not only not an anxious person but I am also a person who has been in enough stressful situations to last both me and you an entire lifetime. Seriously. And I did not carry them into the peacefulness of my slumber. So the fact that I was essentially having nightmares about the disappointment of my 4 year old’s birthday party made me think that maybe I should write. What you will find here are three really awesome kid’s birthday party suggestions that can get even the most stressed parent out of a tizzy.

This is what I did. My daughters are both enamored with princesses. I wanted to have a princess come to my daughter’s 4th birthday but since we were inviting her entire class at school I did not want to have it at my home. I could not imagine cleaning up after that number of kids and their parents. So, I had the party at a restaurant and had Cinderella show up there. She was wonderful with the children. She told her story, took photos with everyone and taught my daughter and her guests a dance. If you are in the Piedmont Triad area I highly recommend contacting if your little one is into princesses. If you do not live here then find a princess near you. This party was a huge hit!

My second suggestion is not one that I have done yet but a friend brought it to my attention or I would not have ever thought of it. Find a creature teacher in your area. In the Piedmont Triad you can use . This is good for girls and for boys since the animals are chosen by you. You can choose bunnies and hamsters or snakes and spiders or even mix and match. The best part about this might be that for the kids’ favors you could go to a used book store and buy books that go with whatever theme you choose so they can go home with an educational and exciting gift! I really hate “junk” favors that you wind up trashing the minute you get home. What a waste.

And lastly, I have recently seen that one of my past feature businesses has taken up kid’s event planning. I have not yet used her but it is nice to know that in the event that you either lack time or are finding yourself short of motivation that there is someone out there who is willing to do it for you! You can find her at

Do you have any other good ideas?