Tuesday, August 31, 2010

3 Healthy Eating Tips for Today

1. Have you seen that the Skinny Cow now makes ice cream bars?? They do and they are awesome! Not only do they satisfy me but my girls adore them too! They come in white chocolate truffle, caramel and chocolate and are only 100 calories each! I bought mine at Food Lion on sale at $3.99 for 6 nbut they are only $4.99 regularly anyway. Totally worth it!

2. I love guacamole but I don't love the calories and my friends feel the same way. In my Shape magazine this month I found a recipe for guacamole made with edamame! Brilliant! Here it is:

1 12-ounce package frozen organic shelled edamame, thawed
2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon rice vinegar
1 /2 teaspoon sea salt
1 /4 cup water
1 /3 cup chopped fresh parsley leaves

Place edamame in a food processor. Add the oil, vinegar, salt, and water and pulse until smooth. The mixture should look like a thin hummus; if it’s too thick, add more water. Taste and add more salt if necessary. Add parsley and pulse briefly to blend (flecks of parsley should still be visible).

Transfer to a bowl; garnish with more parsley, if desired, and serve with pita wedges and/or crudités.

Nutrition Score per serving:
(1/2 cup): 184 calories, 12 g fat (58% of calories), 2 g saturated fat, 9 g carbs, 10 g protein, 3 g fiber, 108 mg calcium, 2 mg iron, 259 mg sodium

3. Switch to whole wheat pasta. I have always heard it is better for you but when I am pasta shopping and reading the labels that is not evident so I decided to do a little research into just what is so much better about it. I found this info from WebMD very helpful:

Pasta (2 ounces dry) Calories Fiber Protein Fat
Barilla Plus Spaghetti* 210 4 g 10 g 2 g
Westbrae Natural Organic Whole Wheat Lasagna 210 6 g 8 g 1.5 g
365 Organic Whole Wheat Shells (from Whole Foods) 210 5 g 7 g 1 g
Lifestream Organic Whole Grain & Flax Linguini* 208 8 g 9 g 3.5 g
Trader Joe's Organic Whole Wheat Rotelle Pasta 210 5 g 8 g 1.5 g
* Barilla Plus Spaghetti contains 0.2 g plant omega-3s. Lifestream Organic Whole Grain & Flax Linguini contains 0.7 g plant omega-3s.

More About Healthier Pasta Brands

Here are more details about these whole-grain or higher-fiber pastas:

Barilla Plus Penne: While this enriched multigrain pasta isn't 100% whole wheat, it contains a grain and legume flour blend, along with semolina. This blend generally includes lentils, chickpeas, oats, spelt, barley, egg whites, ground flaxseed and wheat or oat fiber. What this means is that the pasta is high in protein (from the legume flour and the egg whites,) contains some plant omega-3s (from the ground flaxseed,) and will boost your fiber significantly (thanks to the legumes, whole grains, ground flaxseed.) Cooking time for the penne variety is 11-12 minutes.

Westbrae Natural Organic Lasagna: The first and only ingredient is organic whole durum wheat flour. Hard to argue with that, isn't it? I love lasagna, so I've noticed over the years that it is definitely difficult to find a higher fiber lasagna noodle. So I was happy to have found this choice at Whole Foods. Yes, it's definitely whole-wheat pasta, but this fact seems to be less noticeable when it is layered in lasagna. Cooking time: 10 minutes for the lasagna.

Lifestream Organic Whole Grain & Flax Linguini: This pasta has the highest amount of plant omega-3s in a serving of the brands I checked out. The fiber ain't too shabby, either (8 grams per 2 ounce serving). The brand is distributed through Nature's Path Foods Inc. in Washington, and has just two ingredients: organic wheat durum flour and organic brown flax meal. Cooking time for the linguine is 7-9 minutes.

365 Organic Whole Wheat Shells: Even the Whole Foods store brand is jumping on the whole-wheat pasta bandwagon. The pasta contains just organic whole durum wheat flour and water. You'll find it in assorted shapes including long narrow tubes (also known as penne). Cooking time for the shells is 14-16 minutes.

Trader Joe's Organic Whole Wheat Pasta Rotelle: You can find a few different shapes of whole-wheat pasta in the Trader Joe's brand, including rotelle, penne, and spaghetti. The only ingredient in this pasta is organic durum whole wheat. Cooking time is 9-11 minutes for the rotelle.

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