Saturday, October 23, 2010

10 No-Sew Halloween Costume Ideas

Written by:
Cristi Driver

There are so many cute Halloween costume ideas for kids that you can make at home – no sewing required! All that is required is some resourcefulness and creativity by using items you already have or buying a few inexpensive items that can be found at most big box stores or second-hand shops.

All of these ideas are cheap, easy, quick and allow for lots of imagination.

Try one of these classic costume ideas this Halloween and your kid won’t be the fifth Spiderman or Disney princess in their classroom or neighborhood.

Black Cat Pair a black leotard or black turtleneck top with black leggings, tights or sweatpants and black shoes. Buy the cat ears and a tail at a costume shop or make your own. Use old black pantyhose to make a tail by cutting out one leg, stuffing the hose with cotton balls to form a long tail, safety pinning the top together and then pinning it to the back top of the pants. Another idea is to get a black feather boa from a costume shop and cut it to the right length to make a furry tail (you can use the leftover fur to wrap around ankles, wrists and waists to make the cat “furry” – the only drawback to this is that it sheds a lot). Use black eyeliner to draw in whiskers and a nose on your little kitty cat’s face.

Pirate You can find pirate accessories at most costume shops that include a pirate hat, eye patch and sometimes other items like a hook or play sword. Instead of a pirate hat you can also tie a bandana around your child’s head. Find a striped shirt or white ruffled top (thrift stores are a good resource), pair it with black pants for boys or for girls, a denim skirt with black or striped tights, and add boots. A cute addition is to find a small stuffed or plastic parrot and attach it to your child’s shoulder. Arrrgh!

Bunny Rabbit Find a white or pink sweatsuit or use a white or pink top or leotard and tights. Purchase bunny ears and a tail at any costume shop or make your own. Make long bunny ears by cutting them out of white and pink construction paper, attaching a bent paperclip to the back of each ear to make them stand up and fastening them to a headband. Make a bunny tail from an old powder puff or with a bunch of large cotton balls glued together and pinned to the seat of the pants. Use pink lip liner to make a bunny nose and brown or black eyeliner to make whiskers on your bunny’s face.

A Bunch of Grapes Buy a bunch of purple latex balloons at party store. Use a purple sweatsuit or purple top or leotard and tights as the base. Blow up all the balloons and then carefully pin them all to your child’s purple clothing. Make a stem out of green felt and bobby pin it to your child’s head.

Gypsy The key to this costume is layers, lots of them. Layer on several flowy, mismatched skirts, scarves and strings of costume jewelry like plastic beaded necklaces and dangly bracelets (if you don’t have these items at home, head to the thrift store). Tie a long scarf around your child’s head and add one big hoop earring. Funky tights with boots are a cute touch. Add bright red lipstick and heavy eye makeup and use brown eye liner to make a signature beauty mark.

Ghost or Charlie Brown Ghost A ghost is the easiest costume ever – white sheet, cut holes, you’re done! You can make it a little more creative and have your child be Charlie Brown from the classic “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” and cut holes all over the sheet and have him or her carry a bag with a rock in it.

Construction Worker Cut the sleeves off an old plaid flannel shirt and put it over a long-sleeve thermal shirt. Pair it with jeans and strap on a tool belt with play hand tools. Add work boots and work gloves and a few smudges of brown face paint or eye liner on your child’s face. Top it off with a plastic yellow hard hat that you can buy most anywhere.

Scarecrow Use an oversized plaid flannel shirt, jeans (add some patches for a cute touch), a rope for belt and to tie at the cuffs of the jeans and sleeves then stuff the shirt and jeans with plastic grocery bags or paper. Add a little bit of straw to hang out of the jeans and shirt. Use face paint to make a scarecrow face and add a straw hat.

Miss America Recycle that old bridesmaid or prom dress and add a pair of long white gloves, a tiara and high heels. Make a banner using a long piece of white satin ribbon and use glitter paint to write in “Miss America.”

Deviled Egg Use a white sweatsuit or white t-shirt and white pants. Use yellow felt or a huge yellow marker and make a circle in the center of the top. Buy or make a pair of red devil horns, a red spiked tail and a pitchfork and voila, a deviled egg!