Friday, October 29, 2010

What Do You Wear With Peep Toe Ankle Boots?

I just bought several pairs of peep toe ankle boots…now what? I was in need (I use the term loosely) of some new shoes and when I went to my trusty favorite online shoe store I kept seeing these peep toe boots! I was so confused but found myself strangely drawn to these unusual accessories. So I bought a couple pairs and decided I would try them on in person and with clothes and see how I liked them. When the box arrived I ripped it open anxious to see what these boots would look like in person. Upon primary inspection I was very pleased and then became even more excited when I tried them on. I love the fit and the look but can I really wear peep toe shoes in the winter? And if so, how?

I “Goggled” my question “what do you wear with peep toe ankle boots” and was overwhelmed by the number of people who recommend wearing them with tights. Basically, the advice is to wear them with solid colored tights and not with panty hose as the idea is to be intentional about it. Also, while it is easy if your boots are black or brown it may not be as easy if they are an unusual color like fuchsia? What do you wear with them then? Well, then you should match your tights to your bottoms. And most people say that you can and in some cases should wear patterned tights. Simple right?

Armed with this info go out and buy yourself a pair of peep toe ankle boots. I really love mine!